Not all boots are made for riding. Motorcycle boots are designed with the rider’s needs in mind - like molded ankle protection, increased stiffness to prevent flexing, and oil resistant soles to prevent a slip on the road. Like a high-quality pair of work boots, good motorcycle boots are comfortable, durable, and protective – but they also need to stay together should a high-speed accident occur. Here is what to look out for when buying a new pair of motorcycle boots:

  • Material: When it comes to quality, you get what you pay for. A thicker leather will have a higher resistance to abrasion and is what you’re going to want on your feet in the event of a crash. Look for boots made of treated leather, resistant to water, oil or acid. Untreated leather has a tendency to absorb water and can be very uncomfortable if they get soaked on your ride.


  • Construction: Any boot with quality protection should cover your ankle and have a stable construction with the right amount of support. A full height boot is best in the event of a crash to protect the ankle in a slide or if trapped under your bike. Look for double or triple stitching to trust the boot will stay assembled if in a serious accident.


  • Soles:A sole that is glued is not as long lasting or as strong. Look for boots with a sewn seam to better protect your feet. You want a sole with the right amount of grip. A soft sole will grip your foot peg well, but potentially wear down faster than a harder sole that may have better durability but offer less grip on that foot peg. Always look for oil resistant soles, especially if riding in wet conditions.


  • Fit: Every boot manufacturer is going to fit differently. Be sure to check each manufacturer’s size guide and consider the socks you’ll be planning to wear while riding. Really thick socks will affect how your boots will fit. Make sure to try them on with a pair of socks you plan to ride in.
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