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The Tradition of Gremlin Bells

The Tradition of Gremlin Bells

What is a gremlin bell you ask? Gremlin bells are a strong tradition in the riding community and with that come some ground rules.

  1. Gremlin bells should come to you as a gift from a friend or loved one. This gesture of goodwill “unlocks” the bell’s potential and protection.
  2. It should be attached securely to the lowest part of the frame to trap the evil spirits of the road and rattle them with the constant ringing, causing them to lose their grip and fall to the ground again.
  3. If you plan to sell or give away your bike, remember to remove your gremlin bell. A gremlin bell can be passed on with a bike, but it is better to remove it and offer the bell as a gift itself to maintain the tradition of protection on the road.
  4. If someone steals a gremlin bell (or your bike) the gremlins go with it and the bell will no longer ward them away. The good will of your gremlin bell protects both you and your bike.

Like most legends, it is unclear who or where this tradition originated. Some rationalize the magic of the gremlin bells as a low budget alarm system to alert riders of their bikes being moved in the night. Do you have a friend on the road you want to offer protection? Consider the gift of a gremlin bell to protect them on their journey.