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Maintenance is the key to longevity. When investing in quality leather pieces for your wardrobe, it is important you know how to care for them. Here is how:


  1. The first and most important is to let your leather breath. Hang it up and allow any excess moisture to dry out.


  1. Gently wipe your leather goods clean with a damp cloth or use a specialized leather cleaner.


  1. To only clean is not enough. Feeding your leather motorcycle clothing with a conditioner or a protectant is important too. Specialized leather feeding products keeps the leather supple and water resistant. A thin layer is generally sufficient to maintain its natural breathing function.


Always check the tag to your garment to best know how to care for it. If you’re not sure if your method is right for your garment, do a spot test in an area that is not easily visible. If your garment still smells a little funky after washing, try popping it into your freezer overnight to kill off unwanted bacteria and see if that works for you.