How to Break-In Leather Motorcycle Gloves

How to Break-In Leather Motorcycle Gloves

Breaking in a new pair of leather gloves can take any rider some time, but we have a few tricks to make it quick and easy for you.


  • First, choosing a proper fitting glove makes the process much easier. No one wants to fist fight their way into a pair of well-fitting gloves.


  • The simplest approach to breaking in new gloves is to apply a leather conditioner to soften them up and ready them to stretch over the form of your hands.


  • Another approach is to completely saturate the gloves in hot water. Once cool enough to handle, put them on and wear them until they are dry. It may be uncomfortable, but this method is proven to quickly soften and stretch your new pair of gloves.


Remember, the more you ride with your gloves, the quicker they will break in. Be sure to take them with you on the road as often as possible. Breaking in your gloves can give you a reason to ride!

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