Fitting Guide for Women's Motorcycle Jackets

Fitting Guide for Women's Motorcycle Jackets

Finding the right fit to a motorcycle jacket is as important as finding the right bike to ride or the right tools for a job – it can take time, measure, and clear discernment to make the choice that is right for you.Here are some tips for finding the motorcycle jacket that will fit you like a glove:


  • Consider the layers of clothing you turn to when wearing your motorcycle jacket. Does your climate require at times a bulky wool sweater? A flannel button up? Or a just a simple tee? The layers you wear will influence the amount of ease you want to consider when choosing the size you need. Ease is the amount of room a garment allows the wearer beyond the measurements of their body. Measure your body and add the ease you need for a comfortable fit - or better yet, measure your current favorite jacket to compare to the sizing options available.


  • The best fitting jacket is one with a sleeve that hits just above the thumb knuckle, and a shoulder seam that sits right at the edge your shoulder with no overhang or creasing. You want to feel a snug fit with a comfortable range of motion and no shifting around.


  • Consider the needs of your jacket’s everyday use. Are you planning to ride for miles or just taking it out for a walk? The wind and weather conditions your jacket will face should be considered when choosing the quality of materials it is made from. The additional expense of quality leather will guarantee your jacket lasts longer and functions better.


Women with a larger bust size have additional considerations when choosing the right motorcycle jacket. Any jacket style with buckles at the waist can be adjusted to offer a snug fit for women with a larger bust size. A vest extender is also a great option for those wanting to wear a jacket that is form fitting at the waist and worn open at the top.

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