There is a wide variety of jacket across all price points, but price point alone does not determine how protective a motorcycle jacket can be.Impact protection, abrasion resistance, and protection from the elements are provided by both leather motorcycle jackets and modern-day textile jackets. We recommend you reference the individual jacket’s product page to determine how protective that jacket may be.


RIDING SHIRTS are great for around town, low speed protection. They give a super casual look and include a level of abrasion resistance and impact protection, but are not designed for high speed and thermal or water proof protection.


MESH JACKETS are designed to give you protection during the warmest months of the riding season. A mesh jacket get it names from the large mesh panels throughout that give a mass amount of air flow. They offer a great combination of protection and comfort, include armor pockets for added protections on the road, and have liner systems to shield you from the elements. Mesh jackets are often not designed to protect in a high-speed crash.


FULL TEXTILE JACKETS are just as protective as leather in the event of a street crash. You’re going to find more advanced lining systems available and water proof options as well. Typically, textile jackets are a use-once-and-done item in the event of a crash.


LEATHER JACKETS are the most durable in the event of a crash and maintain that quintessential look of a great classic motorcycle jacket. Casual leather jackets look great on or off the bike and have a neutral fit that will work for any rider as well as perforated styles that will get you into the warmer months of the year. Sport leather jackets are designed for a more aggressive or tucked positions while riding and have limited seasonality.

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